• Go Getter Smart Watch Does It All Including Keeping You Kool
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Go getter is a smart watch, which can do it all while maintaining your cool and calm and yet give you allthings at your fingertips. This is called technology comes handy.. This watch will let you work and play and like the smart and intelligent detective la dick tracy ..It will keep you alert on all your messages at work and also let you play without a sweat.. That is if you do sweat , it will tell you your heart beat and how many caloriesyou have burned and without going to your phone, it will also remind you when to exercise..! It has motion control which takes your gestures as a command.If you lift your hand, it will show you the screen and when you put your hand down, it turns off the screen. If you get acall, you can shake your hand to send tovoicemail, or you can turn you hand up towards the face to answer the call.In a mood for a selfie your watch will help you take one by acting a remote trigger button. You can also control your music or play it on your wrist with built in stereo speakers. When you are having all this excitement and you may happen to leave your phone behind, don't worry the watch will remind you with an alarm! Change the face of the watch to analog to sporty to a swiss watch to digital.. Whatever your mode may be. If it rains you do not need to worry ,your watch is waterproof to ip67 standard.Ez magnetic chargingcord will let you connect to the watch even with your eyes closed! Display your go getter charm nothing less than impressive they will say. Here is the list of the features leather and pu leather combinationbelt will fit wrists up to 9 inches. Bluetooth enabled to work with apple or android phones. Sms mms message notification with a short preview. Instant facebook, twitter, email, text, sms and any other notifications. Touch screen contro.L gsensor enabled. Music control. Gesture and motion control. Answer phone and make calls to. Voice control for your smart phone with siri or other software. Heart beat monitor on the watch and history record tracker on the app. Anti lost feature will sound analarmif more than20 ft away from the phone. Remote control for your phone camera takes pictures or video. Magnetic rechargingpower cord via any usb outlet. 6 Month ltd. Warranty. Free support by phone and email. Supports multiple languages. Water proof ip67 standard. Hardened steel with titanium coating makes it scratch resistant. Choice of three watches screens type to switcwatch to. Phone book sync with phone. Pedometer with navigation and goal setting on the app. Shows calories burned on the app. A sleepmonitor with history in the app. Comes in a gift box with manual free app downloadto your smart phone. Please note smart phone required for the app but the watch can work without the smartphone.

Go Getter Smart Watch Does It All Including Keeping You Kool

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